Pest Inspectors


Pest inspections are an important part of purchasing a home. A typical sales agreement usually will provide the opportunity for a buyer to obtain an inspection for active infestation of wood destroying insects.

A Certified Inspector from Sanders Termite & Pest Control Company is trained to look for visible signs of wood destroying insect infestation. The Inspector will conduct an inspection which may include probing and/or sounding of the unobstructed and accessible areas of the structure to determine the presence or absence of visible evidence from wood destroying insects. For the purpose of this inspection, wood destroying insects include Termites, Carpenter Ants and Powder Post Beetles.

The cost of this type of inspection will average around $50.00 for a home with a garage, additional buildings may have added charges. Inspections are warranted for 3 months provided no Termite or Powder Post Beetle infestation is found. No warranty is given on structures previously treated for Termites.


Pest Inspectors

Advance Pest Control
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Archer Pest Control
(269) 324-2847

Bug Busters
(269) 344-8129
Commercial Pest Control
(269) 344-5506
  The Exterminator
(269) 373-3800
  Griffin Pest Control
(269) 388-3141
Industrial Pest Control
(269) 343-5615
  Midwest Exterminating
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(269) 343-6887
Orkin Pest Control
(269) 327-0007
  Rose Exterminator
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  Sanders Termite & Pest Control
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    Terminix International
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  • Make sure all screens are functioning properly. This means no holes and screens tightly in place, including basement windows
  • Minimize brightness of night lights on the exterior of the building. Use yellow bulbs wherever possible
  • Use covers on basement window wells
  • Avoid heavy mulch around the structure.
  • Get rid of leaf litter at ground level.
  • Get rid of leaf litter in rain gutters.
  • Get rid of stagnating water, including plugged rain gutters, birdbaths, swimming pools, rubber tires, tin cans and anything else that can hold water
  • Store firewood a minimum of 3 feet away from the structure.
  • Be sure sprinkler systems work properly, not aiming at the structure.
  • Repair roof and skylight leaks as soon as possible.
  • Properly direct the down spouts on rain gutters away from the structure.
  • Scoop pet droppings as soon as possible.
  • Store recycled materials in sealed containers
  • Keep vegetation, foliage and tree limbs cut back off the structure.

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