Everyone needs a sense of placement, of belonging, a sense of reference. People have a natural need to know they fit with any relationship. We need an idea of our limits or boundaries to function effectively with each other.

Land ownership is a bundle of rights. As buyers of property, we should know the physical limits of certain rights such as where the property ends or where the easements are located. Surveyors have the experience and equipment to provide that information.

MORTGAGE REPORTS - Lenders are interested in where the structures are located with respect to the record descriptions. It is assumed the record information is correct. Any potential gap or overlap of record is not found, the boundary lines are not established and the corners are not required to be found. The information is not useful for the homeowner to establish fences or to know the extent if something is on or near the line. Since boundary lines are not established on this type of survey, the extent of encroachment cannot be determined.

STAKE SURVEYS or CERTIFICATE OF SURVEYS - This type of survey retraces the record description and any differences between the conditions in the field and the record are noted. Boundary lines are established, corners are found or set, structures are located with respect to the lines. This type of survey is needed to provide peace of mind.

In either case STEPHENSON LAND SURVEYING has the tools, training and experience in helping you define your physical location.  


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